Bard Catheters: Facts, History, and Usage

Bard Catheters: Facts, History, and Usage

If you use catheters, most likely you’ve heard of Bard Catheters. When you rely on the effectiveness of catheters for bladder health, it’s essential that the brand you use is safe and trusted – this is certainly why Bard Catheters are a top choice in the industry.

Bard catheters are chosen time and time again by patients and caregivers who need a reliable choice in urological products. Below, we’ll take a look at the history of Bard Care and explore what sets them apart from the competition.

The History of Bard Catheters

For over 100 years, the parent company of Bard Care, C.R.Bard, has been a top choice in the medical device industry. Charles Bard founded the company in 1907 in New York City following his first import of urinary discomfort treatment, Gomenol.

Over the years, and under new ownership by John F. Willits and Edson L. Outwin, Bard grew and expanded. Then, in 1934 a truly pivotal moment in catheter history – the introduction of the first Foley catheters by Bard Catheters. Six years later, Bard would also introduce the American Woven Catheter. 

Continuing along its successful route as a leader in medical and catheter devices, Bard became a publicly-traded company in 1963 and eventually was acquired in 2017 by healthcare giant, Becton Dickinson. To this day, Bard Catheters continues to lead in its category and is a trusted name for caregivers, patients, and healthcare professionals around the world. Their divisional specialties in present-day include not only urology, but also vascular, oncology, and surgical specialty supplies.

Different Types of Catheters Offered

Today, Bard Catheters include a wide variety to accommodate different patient healthcare needs in urology. The company’s line of catheter products include:


Bard Catheters - Clean Cath
  • CLEAN-CATH® Intermittent Catheters: The Bard Catheter CLEAN-CATH® catheters are comprised of durable PVC. These catheters are uncoated, but available in sizes from 6-18 French and with either straight or Coude tips to accommodate different patient needs.
Bard Catheters - Magic 3 Intermittent Catheters
  • MAGIC3 GO®Male Hydrophilic Catheter – Available in both straight and curved Coude tip, the MAGIC3 GO®Male Hydrophilic Catheter series is comprised of silicone and feature a hydrophilic lubricant coating and insertion sleeve for easy insertion and helpful control.
  • MAGIC3 GO®Pediatric Hydrophilic Catheter – Similar to the MAGIC3 GO®Male Hydrophilic Catheter, the MAGIC3 GO®Pediatric Hydrophilic Catheter is made specifically for pediatric catheter patients and is prelubricated with a hydrophilic coating and easy insertion sleeve.
  • MAGIC3 GO®Female Hydrophilic Catheter – Built specifically for female Bard Catheter users, the MAGIC3 GO®Female Hydrophilic Catheter features an easy-to-grip handle for controlled and comfortable insertion and is prelubricated with a hydrophilic coating. 
  • MAGIC3® Hydrophilic Catheter – This hydrophilic catheter option has a sterile water packet for easy insertion and comes in both straight and Coude tip. The MAGIC3® Hydrophilic Catheter is also available in a closed system option that allows for touchless insertion and includes a collection bag.
  • MAGIC3®Catheter – This tapered tip catheter is uncoated and featured 4 eyes for optimal drainage. 
Bard Catheters - Touchless Caths
  • TOUCHLESS™ Plus Intermittent Catheters and Kits: The Bard Catheter TOUCHLESS™ Plus Intermittent Catheters and Kits are a form of closed system cathters that can reduce patient risk of urinary tract infections with enclosed catheter and connected drainage bag. 
Bard Catheters - Red Rubber
  • Red Rubber Intermittent Catheters: For users who require or prefer a firmer catheter insertion option, the Bar Red Rubber Intermittent Catheters are comprised of red rubber latex, which is stronger than standard latex used with other catheters. These catheters are available in 8-26 French sizes.
  • Intermittent Trays: Bard offers several different intermittent catheter tray options, including closed system Magic3® Intermittent Catheter Trays, standard intermittent trays with all supplies needed for proper catheterization, and Red Rubber hollow tipped catheter trays that feature all needed supplies. 
Bard Catheters - Foley Catheters
  • Foley Catheters: Bard Catheters have been the name in Foley catheters since they first introduced them to market over 100 years ago. Foley catheters are available in a variety of different materials, uncoated or prelubricated, featuring different tip styles, and in various sizes, and in different sizes. 

Why Do Catheter Users Choose Bard?

When catheters are required for bladder health, the brand and make of the catheter becomes an important decision for users and caregivers. Bard has been a top choice in the catheter supply category for over 100 years. Not only has Bard continued to innovate and lead in the catheter category over the past century, but they also have perfected their catheter offerings to ensure they provide the best and most reliable solutions to patients. Most patients can find what they’re looking for when they choose Bard Catheters as they feature different styles, tips, sizesm and more for men, women, and children with varying needs.

Get Your Bard Catheters Through Active Life Medical

Active Life Medical is committed to only providing customers with top-rated, safe, secure, and effective medical supplies. For this reason, Bard Catheters are not only one of our top selling brands, but they are also one of the most trusted brands by our catheter experts. 

When you choose Active Life Medical, not only can you obtain the Bard Catheters that you need, but you get premium support and service. Our team of Bard catheter experts can walk you through the process of getting your supplies billed directly and accurately to your insurance. When medical necessary and prescribed by your physician, urinary catheters are covered by most insurances. 

We take pride in providing all Active Life Medical customers with top-rated care, support, and expert guidance. We will guide you through the entire process of obtaining your needed catheter supply through your insurance, including collecting necessary paperwork from your doctors, coordinating billing with your insurance, and delivering your necessary catheters discreetly right to the convenience of your doorstep. We’re familiar and skilled in understanding and translating insurances nationwide and can help expertly guide you through getting the catheters you need covered by your insurance, including Bard catheters.

When you choose Active Life Medical and our expert customer service, you no longer need to be concerned about getting the catheter brands you want and need. We have one of the largest selections of catheters in the industry, including your favorite Bard Catheters.  

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