Kiddie-Kath Closed System Catheter by MTG

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MTG unites its reliable quality, comfort, and relaxation in the Kiddie-Kath Pediatric Closed System Catheter for kids. Every pediatric length catheter includes pre-lubricated. Additionally, it delivers an EZ-Advancer® valve, that can help to keep the catheter moving within its sterile collection bag and to the urethra with no danger of retraction. This produces the catheter simple to use even for anyone who have limited hand dexterity. No demand for holding tight simply to stabilize the catheter tubing. Additionally, it sports a solid silicone introducer suggestion to assist the catheter get beyond the greatest levels of germs, which might reduce the danger of ailments like UTIs to your child.


  • Sterile
  • 10 Inches
  • 700 mL Bag
  • AZ-Advancer valve
  • Pre-lubricated




Description Catheter Sizes Item Numbers
Pediatric Catheter with PVP Swabs 8 French 31108
Adolescent Catheter with PVP Swabs 10 French 31110
Pediatric Mini-Pak Catheter with BZK Wipe 8 French 32108
Adolescent Mini-Pak Catheter with BZK Wipe 10 French 32110
Pediatric Catheter with BZK Swabs 8 French 32508
Adolescent Catheter with BZK Swabs 10 French 32510
Pediatric Mini-Pak Catheter without Kit 8 French 30108
Adolescent Mini-Pak Catheter without Kit 10 French 30110

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