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Coude Catheters

Coude Catheters

What is a Coude Catheter?

The coude catheter is specifically designed to move around obstacles or blockages from the urethra. Coude is the French term for "bend" or "elbow," and coude catheters are slightly flexed at the tip that helps them maneuver beyond a blockage.

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Coude catheters may come in many French sizes and styles, Such as directly, Foley, red rubber, as well as closed systems.

Types of Coude Catheter Tips

There are three basic tips that a coude catheter can have. Each suggestion was designed to deal with a specific blockage problem someone could encounter. Which tip is required is dependent on a doctor. Here are the types of tips and exactly what they do:

  • Olive Tip
    Olive tips have a bigger, curved ends which can be shaped like an olive. This helps expand narrow urethras also stop the catheter from becoming stuck on smaller obstacles.
  • Tiemann Tip
    Tiemann tips are far longer and slimmer than other coude catheters. This helps the catheter pass particularly tight or narrow spots in the urethra.
  • Tapered Tip
    Tapered tips are the most frequently encountered coude tip used. They are not too slim as the Tiemman tips or as curved as olive hints, and can handle many forms of obstruction or congestion requirements.

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