Cure Catheters: Facts, History, and Usage

Cure Catheters: Facts, History, and Usage

For Cure catheter users, obtaining products from a brand they trust and that understands their needs is a top priority. Since 2007, Cure Medical has been one of the most trusted names in the industry, not only because they specialize in catheters but because they have a unique commitment to innovative design.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at the story behind Cure Medical and why their catheters are a top choice for Active Life Medical patients and their providers.

The History of Cure Catheters

Cure Medical’s story begins in 1998 when its founder, Bob Yant, was involved in a diving accident that left him a C5 quadriplegic. This began Bob’s journey with Cure Medical to design medical catheters that were a safer, more comfortable choice, and that offered a greater value to its users. 

Since its establishment in 2007, Cure Medical has focused on designing and manufacturing top notch catheters. A special focus has been placed on Cure catheters not only being a reliable option, but also a healthier option. For this reason, Cure medical catheters are not manufactured with BPA, DEHP/DINP carcinogens or natural rubber latex (known allergen). 

The line of Cure Medical catheters available to users includes a broad range of hydrophilic, intermittent, pocket, and closed system options made for men, women, and pediatric patients. Next, we’ll take a look at the variety available in the Cure catheter line and their beneficial differences.

Different Types of Cure Catheters

  • Hydrophilic Catheters: Cure catheter hydrophilic catheters are available for men, women, and pediatric patients. Available in both straight or coude tip, these hydrophilic catheters come in French sizes 12-18 and ensure a smooth and more comfortable insertion with polished eyelets and hydrophilic lubricating coating. Additionally, these Cure catheters feature a textured grip for easier and more comfortable insertion.


  • Intermittent Catheters: The Cure medical line of intermittent catheters accommodates men, women, and pediatric patients who require them for daily use. Men’s size 16″, women’s size 6″, and pediatric size 10″ are available in both straight and coude tips. Additionally, all French sizes are available. These catheters are uncoated and require lubricant.
  • Closed System Catheters: Cure catheter’s closed system options are great for self-cath patients on the go. Everything needed for cathing is included, including a sterile unisex pre-lubricated catheter, 1500 ml collection bag, and your choice of a straight or coude tip for insertion. Additionally, closed system kits are available which include wipes, swabsticks, gloves, and an underpad.
  • Pocket Catheters: Cure Medical pocket catheters are a great option for male patients who need a discreet method for carrying and cathing throughout the day. Catheters are available in standard 16″ through 25″ lengths, include water-soluble lubricant, easy grips, and are available in straight and coude tips.
  • Cure Ultra: Cure Medical’s Utra line of catheters is available for both men and women. This sterile catheter option is pre-lubricated using a proprietary CoverAll™ application process for better distribution and includes a gripper sleeve for more comfortable and accurate insertion. Men’s 16″ and women’s 6″ sizes available in all French sizes.
  • Cure Twist: The Twist is Cure catheter’s answer to discreet cathing for busy women on the go. This catheter option is pre-lubricated, has polished eyelets, a twist open top, and a universal draining funnel. The Twist is so small and discreet that it can be stored similar to cosmetics in a woman’s bag or purse.
  • Extension Tubing: For those who are confined to the bed or wheelchairs, extension tubing can be helpful. Cure’s extension tubing is 29″ in length and can help ensure easier and less complicated draining.


  • Insertion Kits: When cathing is regularly required, ensuring all the necessary items are readily available is essential. Cure Medical’s catheter insertion kits include everything patients and their caregivers need for comfortable, safe, and effective insertion. Kits include wipes, lubricant, an underpad, and gloves.

Why Cure Is a Great Choice for Catheters

Cure catheters are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and lengths to accommodate varying needs and preferences between patients. Cure catheters are one of our most asked for brands due to not only the product’s reliability and solid manufacturing, but also the various innovative features that enhance and improve the entire cathing experience. Users of Cure catheters trust the name and appreciate that the company’s founder has a personal experience with the products that drives the product line’s continued innovation and improvement.

How to Get Cure Catheters Through Active Life Medical

Active Life Medical’s top priority is assisting patience with obtaining the medical supplies they need when they need them. To ensure optimal care for patience, we only deal with reputable brands, such as Cure Medical, that we know our patients can trust and rely on. For our catheter patients, Cure catheters are some of the most asked for and prescribed. Our patients, along with their caregivers and healthcare providers, confidently use Care supplies each day to support their diagnosed medical conditions and encourage proper bladder care and health.

If you use Care catheters or are interested in finding out more about this brand, our experienced customer care representatives are here to help. We’ll be there every step of the way to answer your questions, coordinate with your healthcare providers, deliver discreetly straight to your doorstep, and handle all insurance billing.

If you’ve been prescribed catheters, you’ve come to the right place! Please reach out to us today at 800-319-2336  to get the process started.

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