Glossary Entry: Neural Catheter


Definition: A neural catheter is a medical device designed to deliver medication or collect data from the central or peripheral nervous system. It is used in neurology and anesthesiology to target specific areas for treatment or monitoring.

Detailed Description

Types and Variations

Variations: There are various types of neural catheters, including epidural and intrathecal catheters, each used for different purposes such as pain management, anesthesia, or drug infusion to the spinal cord or brain.


Common Uses: Neural catheters are commonly used in conditions such as chronic pain management, post-operative pain control, and intrathecal medication delivery for conditions like spasticity and cancer pain.

Insertion and Placement

Procedure: The insertion and placement of a neural catheter require precise guidance and knowledge of anatomical landmarks. Special techniques like the Seldinger technique may be used to facilitate safe and accurate placement.

Clinical Considerations

Potential Complications

Risks: Potential complications associated with neural catheters include infection, bleeding, nerve damage, catheter migration, and cerebrospinal fluid leakage.

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance Requirements: Proper care and maintenance of neural catheters involve regular monitoring for signs of infection, and ensuring sterile technique during catheter access or medication refills.

Additional Information

Related Devices

Associated Terms: Accessories and related devices used with neural catheters may include infusion pumps, catheter connectors, and anesthesia delivery systems.

Innovations and Advancements

Recent Developments: Recent innovations include the development of catheters with improved biocompatibility and the use of ultrasound and fluoroscopy for enhanced catheter placement accuracy.

Regulatory and Safety Notes

Regulations: There are specific regulations for the use of neural catheters, including guidelines for sterility, infection control, and proper documentation of catheter placement and use.