Glossary Entry: Straight Catheter


Definition: A straight catheter is a flexible tube used to drain urine from the bladder when a person is unable to do so naturally. It is inserted through the urethra and into the bladder, allowing urine to flow out into a collection bag.

Detailed Description

Types and Variations

Variations: There are different sizes and materials available for straight catheters, with variations in length and flexibility to accommodate individual patient needs.


Common Uses: Straight catheters are commonly used in medical scenarios where a patient is unable to urinate on their own, such as in cases of urinary retention, urinary incontinence, or after certain surgical procedures.

Insertion and Placement

Procedure: The correct insertion of a straight catheter involves disinfecting the area around the urethral opening, gently inserting the catheter until urine begins to flow, and securing the catheter in place to prevent movement or dislodgement.

Clinical Considerations

Potential Complications

Risks: Risks associated with the use of straight catheters include urinary tract infections, irritation of the urethra, or injury to the bladder or urethra if the catheter is not inserted properly.

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance Requirements: It is important to maintain proper hygiene when using straight catheters, including keeping the insertion site clean and following a sterile technique during catheter changes.

Additional Information

Related Devices

Associated Terms: Accessories often used with straight catheters include drainage bags, catheter lubricants, and sterile saline solution for cleaning.

Innovations and Advancements

Recent Developments: Recent advancements in catheter materials have focused on reducing the risk of infection and discomfort for patients.

Regulatory and Safety Notes

Regulations: Straight catheters are regulated medical devices and should be used in accordance with healthcare provider instructions and guidelines to ensure patient safety and compliance with regulations.