Glossary Entry: Wound Drainage System


Definition: The wound drainage system is a medical device used to remove excess fluid, such as blood or other fluids, from a surgical site to prevent the accumulation of fluids, which can lead to complications like infection or delayed healing.

Detailed Description

Types and Variations

Variations: There are various types of wound drainage systems, including passive and active systems, as well as different sizes and designs for specific surgical applications.


Common Uses: The wound drainage system is commonly used after surgical procedures such as orthopedic surgeries, abdominal surgeries, and plastic surgeries to prevent the accumulation of fluids and promote proper wound healing.

Insertion and Placement

Procedure: The wound drainage system is inserted into the surgical site during the procedure and is typically secured in place with sutures. The drainage tube is connected to a collection bulb or bag, and the insertion technique may vary depending on the specific surgical procedure.

Clinical Considerations

Potential Complications

Risks: Potential complications associated with the use of a wound drainage system include infection at the insertion site, blockage of the drainage tube, or accidental removal of the system.

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance Requirements: It is important to properly care for and maintain the wound drainage system to prevent infection and ensure proper function. This includes emptying and recording the drainage output, securing the system in place, and monitoring for any signs of complications.

Additional Information

Related Devices

Associated Terms: Other related devices or accessories may include wound dressings, suture materials, and wound irrigation systems that are often used in conjunction with the wound drainage system.

Innovations and Advancements

Recent Developments: Recent innovations in wound drainage systems include the development of antimicrobial drainage tubes and improved collection systems for more effective fluid management.

Regulatory and Safety Notes

Regulations: Wound drainage systems are regulated medical devices, and healthcare providers should adhere to specific safety guidelines and regulatory requirements for their use.