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    Most of Active Life's valued customers receive their Incontinence Items at Little or No Cost to them.*

    We offer only the highest quality Incontinence items, whether you need pull up style protective underwear, diapers with tabs, pads, liners, bedpads, or chux we will have the correct items for all of your needs. Plus, you will never have to worry about running out of the products you need. We keep our items in stock in our warehouse and will ship directly to your door. Our items are always shipped in discreet packaging and typically arrive the next business day.

    When you call Active Life Medical you will always receive friendly help from our knowledgeable staff We are highly trained to understand bladder control issues and the details of getting your product covered by Medicaid. We have helped thousands of adults, youth, and children receive the correct incontinence products they need for their special needs while having the products paid for by there insurance.

    Did you know that when we handle your claims, we also provide...

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    Did you know you could get these items at No Cost to you with Medicaid?

    Click an item of interest below for details.

    • Protective Underwear / Pull Up Style Briefs

    • Adult Diapers / Briefs with Tape Tabs

    • Bladder Control Pads / Panty Pads / Pant Liners

    • Underpads / Bedpads / CHUX

    • Waterproof Wahsable Reusable Bed Sheeting

    • Belted Undergarments / Belted Shields

    • Washable Reusable Underwear with Pad / Liner Pocket

    Depend Brand Diapers and Pullups are not paid for by your insurance. If you would like to purchase Depend Brand Incontinence Underwear for Women or Men, Depend Silhoutte Incontinence Briefs for Women, Depend Real Fit Incontinence Briefs for Men, Depend Adjustable Underwear, Depend Guards or Depend Shields Please check out our selection Below:

    • Depend Brand Products

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