EZ-Advancer Catheter Close System by MTG

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EZ-Advancer has a soft elastic introducer tip along with the completely enclosed sterile collection bag using a handy tear-away perforation. This permits you to pour the accumulated urine to your toilet, urinal, or a different secure receptacle prior to throwing it off. Each closed platform catheter also includes available finger holes at the set bag to create holding simple. The star quality of the MTG EZ-Advancer Catheter is your EZ-Advancer valve, that can help to protect the catheter tubing with all the forward movement during movement. Additionally, every MTG closed system catheter has been 100 percent latex-free using a DEHP-free catheter tubing. Offered in soft or firm male span (16 inches) and without or with a kit of insertion supplies. Additionally, in 180 Medical, you have the choice of this favorite Mini-Pak outer bundle, which is excellent for traveling. Additionally, it comprises a privacy tote for discreet disposal of gear after usage. See below for additional information.


    • 1500mL Bag
    • No Latex
    • No DEHP
    • Lubricated
    • Gauze
    • Underpad
    • Gloves
    • BZK or PVP swab



DescriptionCatheter SizesItem Numbers
Firm with BZK Swabs12 Fr32112
Firm with BZK Swabs14 Fr32114
Firm with BZK Swabs16 Fr32116
Soft with BZK Swabs12 Fr32212
Soft with BZK Swabs14 Fr32214
Firm without Kit12 Fr30112
Firm without Kit14 Fr30114
Firm without Kit16 Fr30116
Firm Mini Pak with BZK Swabs12 Fr42112
Firm Mini Pak with BZK Swabs12 Fr42114
Firm Mini Pak with BZK Swabs14 Fr42116

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EZ-Advancer, MTG




12 fr, 14 fr, 16 fr


Closed System


DEHP Free, Kit, Latex Free

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