Magic3 Touchless Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter System by Bard

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The Magic3 Touchless™ Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter by Bard has simple handling and insertion while still being smooth and gentle for insertion. The catheter is intended to easily drain to its durable 1100cc urine collection bag, which makes it a fantastic alternative for individuals in wheelchairs or people having a travel-ready alternative. Its tapered insertion suggestion, hydrophilic coating, along with four comfy eyelets help at an easy catheterization and speedy drainage of the bladder with no necessity for extra lubrication. Additionally, it comes with a Sure-Grip™ which aids the user grip and advance the catheter readily without touching the outside, along with the catheter cap includes a finger-sized ring for simple removal for use, which is helpful particularly for people who have limited dexterity.


    • Hydrophilic
    • Silicone
    • 1100cc Bag
    • BZK Wipes
    • Gloves
    • Underpad
    • Sterile
    • No Latex


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8 French58808
10 French58810
12 French58812
14 French58814
16 French58816

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Bard, Magic3 Go


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Closed System, Hydrophilic


Latex Free, Silicone, Touch Free

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