Primo Tiemann Coude Tip Catheter by LoFric

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This specific catheter include a brand new substance made out of POBE that's free of PVC, softeners, and latex, plus additionally includes a Tiemann coudé idea for people that are not able to pass a directly catheter. Together with gentle drainage eyelets, the hydrophilic coating will probably remain smooth and slippery through the cathing procedure. It features a sterile water package that is simple to popup. Simply fold it and press on, then allow the water run across the catheter tubing to trigger the lubrication-like layer. This coudé hydrophilic catheter is watertight and discreet, so that you can pocket it take it together on function or on excursions. The packaging includes a large loop for easier management and a glue place on the rear of the package to hang onto a vertical surface at the same time you get prepared to cath.


    • No Latex
    • Sterile
    • Hydrophilic
    • Coude Tip


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Coudé, Latex Free

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