A Closed-System Catheter doesn’t excrete urine out of the tube. Instead, it releases the urine into the bag, collecting it, and the user throws it away when complete. The bag is a clear plastic bag with a measuring scale on the side, allowing the urine extracted from the patient to be measured. The urine can also be seen and judged by its color to identify any issues regarding the patient’s body, allowing an excellent way to judge without being intrusive to the patient’s body.

Every time you use a catheter for self-catheterization, you realize the necessary items to ensure a safe self-cath process. A self-catheterization kit typically contains; catheter, lubricant, gloves, wipes, and more.

Advantages Of Using a Closed-System Catheter Kit

1. Includes Everything You Need To Catheterize

A Closed-System Catheter kit is specially made for someone using the catheter for the first time after surgery or other medical reasons. The pre-lubricated tube and the rest of the components help the individual have a safer time learning how to self-catheter, as there will be no missing parts the patient has to worry about. The kit includes a sterile pad, drape, catheter, swabs, and a drainage bag.


2. Privacy And Ease Of Use

In an all-in-one package, the self-catheterization system is easy to transport and discreetly hidden if the patient is conscious of the process. Moreover, you can carry the self-cath kit anywhere, from restrooms to any other place, with privacy.

3. Introducer Tip May Help Prevent UTIs

The introducer tip is a small tube inserted into the urethra. Then the catheter tube passes through the inside of this tube into the bladder. The procedure allows the avoidance of bacteria that can cause UTIs, as most bacteria are located at the entrance. Using an introducer tip helps the catheter tube avoid contact with the walls of the urethra.

4. Pre-Lubricated For Quick, Easy Cathing

The pre-lubrication helps minimize hand contact, which can lead to contamination, creating bodily issues like UTIs. Lubrication increases the ease of access and insertion into the urethra.

5. Integrated Urine Collection Bag

The urine bag houses the catheter and keeps the whole process sterile. Moreover, it also measures the urine output and the color of the urine. It ensures that you are not dehydrated or dealing with any infection by identifying the color of the urine.

6. Ideal For People With Spinal Cord Injuries

Those who cannot use their hands full or are in a wheelchair can use a self-catheterization kit that offers all user access. An example is the Cure Dextra and MRG EZE-Gripper, which offer unique features that allow the insertion to be done independently.

Improved care regarding urinary tract management has played a significant role in increasing the chances of surviving spinal cord issues. The adapted materials and designs for the catheter appliances have improved the patient’s condition due to their spinal cord injury.

Type Of Closed System Catheters: 

Many available catheters in the market come in the form of kits or are sold separately. The ones that come in kits benefit patients’ self-catheterizing for the first time. Here is the list of Catheters:

Your doctor may advise you to use a urinary catheter in the following cases:  

  • Bladder Stones 
  • Bladder Weakness
  • Congenital Abnormalities Affecting The Urinary Tract Kidney, Ureter
  • Damaged Urethra 
  • If A Patient Has Trouble Urinating
  • Malignancies In The Reproductive System Or Bladder
  • Obstruction In The Urethra 

If you’re a patient suffering from incontinence or bladder issues, your doctor will likely advise you to intermittent catheterization. Before doing so, ensure you have the correct information about the UI medical device.

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Where Can I Order Catheters?

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