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    Most of Active Life's valued customers receive their Ostomy Supplies at Little or No Cost to them.*

    We offer a large selection of Ostomy Supplies from the brands you know and trust. We carry all product lines from Hollister like Adapt, Premier, CeraPlus, New Image, Pouchkins Pediatric Pouches, and More. We carry all product lines from ConvaTec such as the ActiveLife, Durahesive, Natura, SUR-FIT, Esteem, Little Ones Pediatric Care and More. Plus, we carry the full family of products from Coloplast like Assura, Brava, Fistula, SenSura and More. If you are looking for supplies from another brand just check with us. There is a good chance that we can get that for you too. We also carry a vast line of Ostomy Accessories such as Stoma Paste, Ostomy Deodorant, Adhesive Spray, Adhesive Powder, Adhesive Remover, Ostomy Pouch Belts, Flange Rings, Barrier Molds, and More!! We will work with you to come up with the correct mix of products to suit your lifestyle and needs.

    When you call Active Life Medical you will always receive friendly help from our knowledgeable staff. We are highly trained to understand ostomy supplies and the details of getting your product covered by Medi-Cal, Medicare, Medicaid, and Managed Care Plans. We have helped many adults, youth, and children receive the correct ostomy products for their special needs while having the products paid for by their Medi-Cal, Medicare, Medicaid, or other Managed Care Plan.

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