Any damage or injury to the spinal cord or its accompanying neuronal pathways results in spinal cord injuries or SCIs. They are dangerous illnesses that may cause complete or partial paralysis. The communication between your brain and body is disrupted by spinal cord injuries, which may cause you to lose your ability to move or experience changes in your sensory and bodily functioning. And the loss of bladder control is not an exception. 

If you have suffered a spinal cord injury and facing urinary incontinence issues, your doctor may recommend a UI device or catheter. While the UI product is a great way to manage the condition, choosing the right one that meets your condition is extremely important.

How to Choose the Right Catheters After a Spinal Cord


Intermitting catheters become a common daily living component after spinal cord injury. Some brands or catheter types are suitable for you when considering alternatives. What is effective for one individual may not be effective for the other.

Catheter Features To Look For People With Limited Hand Dexterity

Or In Wheelchairs:

1. Simple To Open And Hold: Do your hands or other limbs perform poorly?

You should opt for a catheter with simple-to-open packaging if you need the most effective catheters for individuals with spinal cord injuries. You may desire a product with easy-to-pull tabs, a feature that makes it easier to hold, or a thumb or finger hold to help you hold and open.

Easy To Grip: Catheters with gripper or handle sleeves are ideal when you need a better grip. They also reduce the contamination risk.

Pre-lubricated Or Hydrophilic Catheter Options: Try an advanced catheter, like a closed system or hydrophilic catheter, if you have catheter insurance coverage. A closed-system catheter is an excellent choice if you’re in a wheelchair. It is more sterile and can lessen the possibility of UTIs.

Extra-Long Or Extension Catheter Tube: If your insurance provider doesn’t allow you to have closed-system catheters, consider buying an extension catheter. The Cure XL Catheter is a good option. With The long cath, you can directly drain into the washroom from your chair.

Travel-Sized Catheters: Look for a compact and discreet catheter if you use a wheelchair and travel frequently. Use a closed system catheter in public restrooms to take care of hygiene.

Best Catheters For Limited Hand Dexterity/ Spinal Cord Injury:

Only some products work for some. We have listed some of the best catheter options you can use if you have a spinal cord injury or limited hand movement.

Closed System Catheters:

Hollister VaPro plus Pocket™ Catheter

It is compact, easy to use, and an excellent option for people with limited hand dexterity. 


  • Easy to conceal.
  • It is simple to open.
  • Pre-lubricated introducer slope to reduce contamination.


  • Difficult to unfold the collection bag on your own, depending on your injury.

Cure Dextra™ Closed System Catheter


  • Created for people with limited dexterity.
  • Large finger holes make it simple to open and grasp.
  • The Support Band allows you to hold the catheter without needing both hands.


  • It doesn’t come with the pocket size option.

Coloplast SpeediCath® Compact Set

The all-in-one catheter comes with an innovative telescopic design.


  • Cool, a small style that resembles a travel brush case.
  • Easy to attach and comfortable.
  • Ready to insert with coating.


  • Flexible catheter tube.
  • For those with poor dexterity, opening it might be more difficult.
  • No introducer tip for protection.

Straight And Hydrophilic Catheters: 

Cure Hydrophilic Catheter

An easy-to-grip hydrophilic catheter that comes with a pediatric length.


  • Easy to fold for discretion.
  • Flexible funnel that is simple to attach to an extension tube.
  • Quality packaging that opens from both sides.


  • Requires water packet for hydrophilic coating.

GentleCath Glide Catheters

Great for cleaner and faster self –cathing.


  • Easy extension tube attachment is made possible via a flexible funnel.
  • New hydrophilic FeelCleanTM technology prevents mess and dryness of the catheter during catheterization.
  • You can open the package from both ends.


  • Requires water packet for hydrophilic coating.

LoFric  Origo Hydrophilic Catheters

A straight insertion tip provides better control and grip.


  • Excellent design with insertion grip sleeve to avoid hand contamination.
  • Simple extension tube to attach a funnel.
  • Simple to open.


  • Requires to open water packet.

Cure Pocket XL Extra-Long Catheters

An extra-long catheter for people who use wheelchairs.


  • A little, pocket-sized package that you can open from both ends.
  • It doesn’t need an extension tube.


  • Need lubricating jelly, while each Cure Pocket XL package comes with a sterile packet of lubrication.

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Where Can I Receive Catheters Covered by Insurance?

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