At Active Life Medical, we believe in empowering individuals to access essential medical supplies, and understanding catheter coverage through Iowa Medicaid is a crucial step toward ensuring your well-being. We’ll delve into what Iowa Medicaid is, who is eligible for this benefit, the list of covered products, their utilization, and the eligibility criteria.


What is Iowa Medicaid and Medicare?

Iowa Medicaid and Medicare are state and federally-funded programs that provide health coverage for eligible low-income individuals and families in Iowa. Administered by the Iowa Department of Human Services, Medicaid aims to improve access to quality healthcare services, including coverage for essential medical supplies like catheters.


Eligibility Criteria for Iowa Medicare:

To qualify for catheter coverage under Iowa Medicare, individuals typically need to meet specific eligibility criteria. This includes being:

  1. Aged 65 or older
  2. Younger than 65 with qualifying disabilities
  3. Diagnosed with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) 

Who is Eligible for Iowa Medicaid?

Eligibility for Iowa Medicaid is primarily determined by factors such as income, household size, and specific health conditions. Generally, low-income individuals, families, pregnant women, children, and individuals with disabilities may qualify for Iowa Medicaid.


List of Covered Catheter Products and Their Utilization:

Iowa Medicaid and Medicare cover various catheter products to meet the unique needs of their beneficiaries. Here is a list of catheters covered by Iowa Medicaid and Medicare:

  1. Intermittent Catheters:
    •  Intermittent catheters are designed for short-term use, aiding in bladder emptying. This includes straight catheters, hydrophilic catheters, and closed-system catheters.
  2. Indwelling Catheters (Foley Catheters):
    • Indwelling catheters are suitable for long-term catheterization, remaining in the bladder and connected to a drainage bag for continuous urine drainage.
  3. External Catheters (Condom Catheters):
    • External catheters, ideal for males, are worn externally and collect urine in a bag, providing a comfortable and convenient option for specific needs.
  4. Pediatric Catheters:
    • Specially designed for children, pediatric catheters ensure a comfortable and secure fit, addressing the unique requirements of pediatric patients.

Contact Active Life Medical:

To qualify for catheter coverage under Iowa Medicaid and Medicare, individuals need to meet specific income and health criteria. Active Life Medical is here to assist you in the eligibility process. Here’s how we can help:

Contact Active Life Medical: Call us at (800) 319-2336 to speak with our dedicated team. We can provide information and assistance regarding catheter coverage and eligibility.

Use our Contact Form: Visit our website and use the contact form on the page to submit your inquiries or request assistance. Our team will promptly respond to address your concerns.

Eligibility Check: Active Life Medical can assist you in checking your eligibility for catheter coverage under Iowa Medicaid.

Collaboration with Healthcare Providers: We work closely with your health provider and doctor, ensuring a seamless process to procure the necessary catheter supplies.

At Active Life Medical, we are committed to simplifying the process of obtaining catheters covered by Iowa Medicaid. Our goal is to provide high-quality products and excellent customer service to enhance your overall healthcare experience.

For more information or assistance, contact us today. We’re here to support you every step of the way in obtaining the catheter supplies you need, covered by Iowa Medicaid and Medicare.

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