Catheters Covered by Montana Health Care

Living with medical conditions that require catheter use can be challenging, but obtaining the necessary supplies shouldn’t add to the burden. At Active Life Medical, we understand the importance of ensuring access to essential healthcare products. We’ll explore how catheters are covered by Montana Health Care, detailing eligible products, utilization, and the steps to determine your eligibility for this beneficial coverage.

Qualification for Catheters Product Coverage:

To be eligible for coverage of incontinence products through Montana Health Care, individuals need to satisfy specific eligibility criteria. Typically, Medicaid coverage is accessible to low-income individuals and families, pregnant women, children, elderly adults, and those with disabilities. It is essential to verify specific eligibility requirements with Montana Health Care.


Covered Catheter Products:

Montana Health Care covers a range of catheter products to meet the diverse needs of individuals. Here is a list of catheters covered by Medicaid in Montana:

1. Intermittent Catheters: Intermittent catheters are designed for short-term use and are typically inserted multiple times a day to empty the bladder.

2. Indwelling Catheters: Indwelling catheters, also known as Foley catheters, are inserted and remain in the bladder for an extended period. They are often used when other methods are not suitable.

3. External Catheters (Condom Catheters): External catheters are worn externally and are suitable for male individuals. They are connected to a drainage bag to collect urine.

4. Closed System Catheters: Closed system catheters come pre-lubricated and are enclosed in a sterile collection bag, reducing the risk of infection during catheterization.

5. Pediatric Catheters: Pediatric catheters are specifically designed for children, considering their unique anatomical and comfort requirements.

At Active Life Medical, we strive to make the process of obtaining catheter supplies as seamless as possible. Whether you have questions about eligibility, product options, or anything else, we are here to help. Reach out to us by calling (800) 319-2336 or using our convenient contact form on the website.

Navigating catheter coverage with Montana Health Care is essential for individuals with specific medical needs. Active Life Medical is committed to facilitating this process, ensuring you have access to the catheter supplies prescribed by your healthcare provider. Take advantage of our expertise and reach out to us today for personalized assistance in securing the catheter products you need for a more active and comfortable life.