Coloplast catheters and the Coloplast brand name are synchronous with the catheter medical category and with ostomy, wound care, and incontinence intervention supplies. Medical experts worldwide recommend Coloplast, which is also increasingly requested by name by caregivers and catheter users.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at the history of Coloplast, the catheters they manufacture, and what details have established them as a leader in the medical supply industry.

The History Of Coloplast Catheters

Coloplast began making its mark in the healthcare world in the 1950s with the story of a nurse, Elise Sorensen, and her sister, Thora. Thora had just undergone an ostomy operation and was concerned about her stoma leaking, thus leading to her avoiding public situations. To help her sister achieve better daily living, Elise thought up the idea of an ostomy bag. A civil engineer, Aage-Louise Hansen, helped bring Elise’s vision to life by designing the world’s first ostomy bag. This event led to Coloplast’s establishment in 1957.

Different Types Of Coloplast Catheter Options Offered

Today, Coloplast Catheters include a wide variety to accommodate different patient healthcare needs in urology. The company’s line of catheter products includes:

  • Conveen Optima Male External Catheters: Coloplast’s series of self-sealing male external catheters, the Conveen Optima’s, are increasingly popular for self-cathing patients and caregivers as a safer and less-invasive catheter option. By self-sealing, the catheter can is used safely and securely daily. Multiple diameters are available to accommodate different patient sizes.
  • Freedom Clear: This male external catheter series comprises silicone and aloe-infused adhesive for easy and effective placement that lasts all day.
  • Self-Cath Closed System: Within the Self-Cath Plus Series is the Closed System option. This catheter option includes everything needed for cathing on the go in one self-contained system that consists of a bag and a pre-lubricated catheter. Male and female options are available.
  • Self-Cath Plus Series: Self-cath Coloplast catheters are available in male, female, and pediatric versions, a variety of FR sizes, and in both coudé and tapered tips; users find this series is one of the most versatile to fit their needs.
  • SpeediCath Compact Eve: The SpeediCath Compact Eve series is a triangularly shaped catheter option designed for a woman’s body type and needs. With this catheter’s polished eyelets and hydrophilic coating, women can experience a more comfortable insertion and use.
  • SpeediCath Compact Female: The SpeediCath Compact Female option is designed specifically for female usage and comfort. This set includes a coated hydrophilic 3.5-inch catheter and a small, discreet catheter bag for easy drainage. 
  • SpeediCath Compact Male: The SpeediCath Compact Male option is designed explicitly for male usage and comfort. This set includes a coated hydrophilic 12 Fr catheter and a 750 ml attached catheter bag for easy drainage. 
  • SpeediCath Compact Set: The SpeediCath Compact Set features a hydrophilic coating for easy and comfortable insertion and a catheter bag for an all-in-one cathing solution that can be used anywhere and on the go. 
  • SpeediCath Flex / SpeediCath Flex Coudé Pro: For men seeking a great soft catheter option, the SpeediCath Flex series is a top choice. This catheter is available with straight and coudé tips and features a soft-squeeze grip for easy and comfortable insertion and a hydrophilic coating.
  • SpeediCath Soft: The SpeediCath Soft is one of the newest catheter additions for Coloplast. Available in 10-16 FR sizes, this catheter option is pre-lubricated with a hydrophilic coating and includes a helpful and touch-reducing grip for insertion.
  • SpeediCath Standard: This series of Coloplast catheters is part of the original line of SpeediCath products and is available in male, female, and pediatric versions. There are also variations with coudé tips. This catheter line is pre-lubricated for easy insertion and discreet for carrying anywhere.

What Is Coloplast’s WheelMate?

Coloplast prides itself on advocating for and being a staunch supporter of the patients that use its products. With the Coloplast WheelMate™ program, wheelchair patients can use a well-designed and helpful app to find wheelchair-friendly bathrooms and parking spaces; this has proven to be an essential timesaver for users throughout the U.S., both locally and while traveling.

Why Do Catheter Users Choose Coloplast?

Coloplast is one of the most well-known names in the medical supply and catheter industry. Not only are healthcare providers comfortable prescribing these products, but patients and caregivers will often use the Coloplast brand. Coloplast has been a top choice in the catheter supply category for decades and works to ensure they provide the best solutions and support to patients. Because of the wide variety of catheter sizes available, patients can find what they’re looking for when choosing Coloplast Catheters.

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