When patients ask for Cure Male intermittent catheters, they know it’s from a brand they can trust and rely on for their medical bladder health needs. Here at Active Life Medical Products, our Product Specialists report Cure Medical as one of the male patients’ most asked-for catheter options.

Below, we will look closely at male catheters and their role in bladder needs and dive into Cure Medical’s line of male intermittent catheters.

What Are Male Intermittent Catheters?

Intermittent catheters, also called “in and out” catheters, are one of the original styles and are still one of the most commonly prescribed. This catheter type connects to a separate drainage bag for urine collection, which can then be disposed of or emptied into the toilet. Both ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients use intermittent catheters, which are generally easy to place and drain.

Patient physicians prescribe male catheters to provide continued, or corrective support, for bladder functionality. Cure Medical catheters and male intermittent catheters are one of the most trusted names in the industry. While intermittent catheters are a popular style, several others are also commonly prescribed, including:

  • Closed System Catheters: Everything flows into the self-contained collection bag.
  • External Catheters: Uses adhesive or straps to fit over the male’s penis.
  • Foley Catheters: Placed by doctors or nurses, this catheter drains into a collection bag for disposal and works well for individuals unable to self-cath.
  • Hydrophilic Catheters: Hydrophilic catheters have a unique hydrophilic coating that lubricates the catheter when activated with water. There are also hydrophilic catheter options that come pre-hydrated.

So, why do male patients need urinary catheters exactly? The underlying medical conditions leading to this medical necessity can vary greatly. However, patients often present with conditions such as:

  • Bladder nerve injury
  • Blood clots in urine
  • Certain cancers, including prostate cancer
  • Certain medications
  • Dementia or other forms of cognitive decline
  • Hip fractures
  • Kidney stones
  • Loss of bladder muscle control
  • Paralysis
  • Prostate gland enlargement 
  • Spina bifida
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Surgery
  • Urethral blockages

The History of Cure Catheters 

Cure Medical’s story begins in 1998 when its founder, Bob Yant, was involved in a diving accident that left him a C5 quadriplegic. Thus began Bob’s journey with Cure Medical to design medical catheters that were a safer, more comfortable choice and offered more significant value to its users.

Since its establishment in 2007, Cure Medical has focused on designing and manufacturing top-notch catheters. A particular focus has been placed on Cure catheters not only being a reliable option but also a healthier option. Cure Medical never makes catheters with BPA, DEHP/DINP carcinogens, or natural rubber latex (known allergen).

The line of Cure Medical catheters available to users includes a broad range of hydrophilic, intermittent, pocket, and closed system options for men, women, and pediatric patients. Next, we’ll look at the variety available in the Cure catheter line and their beneficial differences.

Male Intermittent Catheters by Cure Medical 

Cure Medical male intermittent catheters are well-designed and include all the features male patients seek in a reliable daily catheter. Not only are Cure male intermittent catheters reliable, safe, and comfortable for even the most discerning users, but they are also easy to use for patients and caregivers.

This intermittent catheter option comes in a 16″ male length. Users can choose coudé and straight tip options to accommodate different body and comfort requirements. Cure male intermittent catheters, including polished eyelets and rounded edges, for reduced friction and easier placement. Catheter Fr sizes are available from 8-18 inches to fit most.

This catheter can be lubricated with a lubrication packet for easy and comfortable placement since it is not pre-lubricated.

How Can I Get Catheters Covered by Medicare and Medicaid? 

You need a trusted catheter product supplier when you require catheter supplies. Active Life Medical Products makes ordering the entire catheter supply process easy. Our Product Specialists can help you get your prescribed catheter covered through most insurances. Everything will be delivered directly and discreetly to your front door.

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