Catheters are crucial medical equipment you need to use when your bladder doesn’t empty naturally. A full bladder puts undue strain on your kidneys and can ultimately result in kidney failure. Kidney failure that is severe and prolonged leaves behind irreparable, permanent harm.

Catheters are available in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Catheters are usually short-term remedies. You can use catheters until you can urinate on your own. However, specific circumstances require prolonged catheterization.

When You Should Use A Urinary Catheter

As we previously discussed, the main reason for developing a urinary catheter is when you cannot empty your bladder naturally without help for brief periods. Your doctor may suggest a catheter if you have trouble managing urinary incontinence, urination, or urinary retention. 

Urinary incontinence is accidental pee loss and can affect both men and women. However, when you need more assistance to empty your bladder, you experience urinary retention.

There are several reasons you might have these issues, but the catheters enable your health professional to identify the root of the problem and treat it. The leading causes include blood clots, kidney or bladder stones, or recent hip surgery.

It may be challenging to empty the bladder when taking certain drugs because urinary conditions reduce the efficiency of your bladder muscles. Discussing all your medications with your doctor before you start using catheters is essential if you have issues with retention, incontinence, or general urinary control. 

Long-term catheter use is advised in more severe conditions, including nerve injuries to the brain, bladder, spinal cord, spina bifida, multiple sclerosis, enlarged prostate, and dementia.

What Catheter Should I Use?

Choosing the specific product to utilize is often confusing for many people regarding catheters. If your doctor has recommended you use a catheter, you have to make some choices, such as which catheter brand to purchase. It is always better to ask your doctor to assist you in choosing the right catheter brand for your condition and lifestyle needs. 

In addition, you should consult catheter suppliers to determine the product qualities and if they suit your catheterization process. 

What Catheter Brand Is Right for You?

It is crucially important to decide which catheter brand you use. Since there are certain product variations between brands, a lot of this depends on your preferences and demands. Moreover, depending on the catheter supply provider you choose to order from, your options can be limited.

Remember that you require and should look for a dependable catheter supplier who provides a broad range of high-quality catheter goods from all the leading manufacturers. Some of the top brands and manufacturers making premium quality catheters on the market include:

  • Bard
  • Coloplast
  • Cure
  • GentleCath
  • Hi-Slip
  • Hollister
  • LoFric
  • MTG
  • Rochester
  • Rusch 

Catheter suppliers such as Active Life Medical Products have medical tools and supplies from reliable manufacturers.

Why Using The Right Catheter Brand Is Important?

Using urinary catheters has a risk of problems, just like using any other external medical device. For instance, they are the main reason for healthcare-associated urinary tract infections. Maintaining adequate hygiene throughout self-catheterization, including its removal and maintenance to lower the chance of any problems, is critical.

Urinary catheters may cause adverse reactions and a higher incidence of UTIs. Contact your doctor immediately if you experience any symptoms of an allergic reaction. Sometimes the solution is straightforward, like switching silicone for latex; other times, a more thorough examination is necessary.

Your risk of bloody urine, bladder stones, urethra injury, septicemia, or kidney harm may rise if you use a urinary catheter. Therefore, choosing the right brand for your catheter supplies is essential to maintain your health and preventing bladder infections.


If you have urinary retention, urine incontinence, or bladder control issues, catheters can help you live a better life.

A full-service catheter provider like Active Life Medical Products provides a variety of excellent supplies that can be delivered discretely to your home. They also have a group of skilled customer service professionals to assist with queries and provide tailored private services. The leading suppliers can help you find the best brand of catheter.

How Active Life Medical Products Can Help With Catheter Supplies

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