Rusch catheters are one of the most asked-for products at Active Life Medical Products. For this catheter brand, it’s not just about supporting bladder needs; it’s about helping the need for catheter users to have healthy and fulfilling lifestyles while cathing.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at the story behind Rusch catheters and why they are a top choice for Active Life Medical Product patients and their providers.

The History Of Rusch Catheters

Rusch is a line of the Teleflex Medical company, initially established in 1837 in the United Kingdom. Teleflex manufactures a variety of medical supplies but interestingly started with the invention and production of a simple cable and gear pulley system.

Over the years, as Teleflex sought to expand further into the medical industry, many acquisitions took place – Rusch catheters were the company’s first acquisition in 1989. Since then, various companies have joined the Teleflex family, including Mayo Healthcare, General Medical OEM, QuickClot, Urolift, LMA, and more.

One of Teleflex’s oldest brands, Rusch catheters and urology supplies are carefully and expertly designed to offer the best urological support. Next, we’ll look at the variety available in the Rusch catheter line and their beneficial differences.

Different Types Of Rusch Catheters

Male External Catheters: Rusch catheters are available in various sizes to accommodate male patients. These one-piece external catheters are available in 35 mm and 30 mm sizes and can include tape and straps or come without, depending on needs and preference.

Rusch EasyCaths: EasyCaths are Rusch’s line of non-lubricated catheters. This catheter line is available for men, women, and children and comes in different lengths. Coude and straight tips are available to accommodate different needs and preferences. Red rubber catheters are also available in this line, along with a soft catheter option that includes polished eyelets for easier insertion. Catheter kits are also available for the EasyCath line. These kits include gloves, wipes, lubricant, collection bags, refuge bags, and underpads; everything needed for quick and easy cathing.

Rusch Female Catheters: Rusch prioritizes catheter designs to accommodate various users, including its shorter line of catheters designed specifically for female urological needs. Rusch female catheters are available both with and without funnel connectors. Additionally, catheter kits for easy cathing on the go are available. These kits include gloves, wipes, lubricant, collection bags, refuge bags, and underpads; everything needed for quick and easy cathing.

Rusch FloCaths: The Rusch line of FloCaths is designed for patients who need quick and easy catheter options while on the go. This catheter is available in male lengths of 16 inches and comes in FR sizes from 6-16. Male patients who use FloCaths prefer them for their recessed polished eyelets for smoother insertion. They come with a hydrophilic coating and saline packet for quick lubrication.

Rusch Foley Catheters: When patients require placement of an indwelling Foley catheter, Rusch catheters are a trusted choice by professionals and caregivers. Rusch offers a range of Foley catheters, including a 100% silicone option, the Rusch Gold series with straight and coude options, and the Soft Simplistic post-op line that includes a latex retention balloon and is designed for single use.

Rusch Pocket Catheters: This pre-lubricated straight catheter option is a closed all-in-one cathing system that includes a 1300 ml bag and is available in Fr sizes from 8-16. Many Rusch catheter patients prefer this option for its convenient usability day or night and anywhere.

Why Rusch Is A Great Choice For Catheters 

Rusch catheters are available in various shapes, sizes, and lengths to accommodate patients’ and their caregivers’ varying needs and preferences. Rusch catheters are one of our most asked-for and reliable brands due to their comprehensive line of products that address the individual needs and uses of catheter patients. Users of Cure catheters trust the name and appreciate that the company’s founder has a personal experience with the products that drive the product line’s continued innovation and improvement.

Where Can I Get Rusch Catheters Covered by Insurance? 

You need a trusted catheter product supplier when you require catheter supplies. Active Life Medical Products makes ordering the entire catheter supply process easy. Our Product Specialists can help you get your prescribed catheter covered through most insurances. Everything will be delivered directly and discreetly to your front door.

Call Active Life Medical Products at (800) 319-2336 to place your order.

Rusch Catheters Covered by Medicare and Medicaid:

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