Catheters are an excellent option for people who deal with urinary incontinence. However, you have to consider more than just the length of the catheter before making your choice. 

You can find several alternatives to standard catheters that make administering catheters much easier. The closed system catheters are best for quick, convenient, and comfortable catheterization. If you want to switch to closed-system catheters, you should first understand how they work


What Is A Closed System Catheter?   



A closed system catheter is a pre-lubed catheter with a dedicated collection bag. 

Closed system catheters are also no-touch or touch-free catheters because users don’t have to touch the device with their hands. Most catheters come with an easy-to-open design, which is best for users with limited hand dexterity.  

So, even if an individual has severe arthritis, bone dysmorphia, or other serious health conditions, they can easily administer this catheter.

Closed system caterers are a more sophisticated version of standard catheters. Individuals with urinary incontinence often use them when they need a more versatile and easy-to-use option.  

It’s understandable if you have questions about closed system catheters or what they offer. You could also have questions about the kit’s features and benefits.

What Are The Features Of Closed System Catheters?

The design and features of a closed system catheter can vary for manufacturers. However, the primary offerings of closed-system catheters remain the same. Here are some features that a good quality closed system catheter should have:

1. Catheter Cap

The catheter cap is on the introducer tip, keeping it safe from contamination until you are ready to use it.  

2. Introducer Tip

The introducer tip protects the catheters for the first few millimeters because that’s where the highest concentration of bacteria exists.

3. Pre-Lubricated Catheter 

The pre-lubed catheter allows users to administer the tip without using their hands.

4. Measured Collection Bag

The measured collection bag lets the users hold the urine after its passes through the drainage pipes.

Some Additional Closed System Catheter Kit Features:

Some catheters also offer additional protective gear to make catheterizing safer. They may offer an opaque antiseptic disposal bag to hide the device. They might also come with antiseptic bacterial wipes to reduce the chances of contamination and bacterial infection. The introducer tip also helps protect the needle from bacterial contamination.

Benefits Of Using Closed System Catheters:



Closed system catheters can provide you with multiple advantages over standard ones. For example, they come with a contamination-free collection bag, which removes the need to find another disposal or holder. Users can self-cath without moving first.

How Do I Use A Closed System Catheter?

A closed-system catheter is one of the easiest catheters to use. It comes pre-lubed, and all users have to do is successfully insert them in. Most closed-system catheters offer users more ease and control over their needs.

You should insert it into your urethral line, and the closed system catheter will fit into the area properly.

Are Closed System Catheters Available In My French Size?

The availability of closed-system catheters depends on what the providers offer. You should check the online providers to see what sizes they offer for your needs. Following are some of the most common options for closed system catheters available for French sizes.

  • 6 French Closed System Catheters
  • 8 French Closed System Catheters
  • 10 French Closed System Catheters
  • 12 French Closed System Catheters
  • 14 French Closed System Catheters
  • 16 French Closed System Catheters
  • 18 French Closed System Catheters
  • 20 French Closed System Catheters

These sizes offer you a wide range of options for purchasing new closed-system catheters specific to your needs. Customers requiring more insight and details on closed system catheters should consult a professional.

Which Closed System Catheters Does Active Life Medical Products Carry?

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