Can I Receive Incontinence Products Through Illinois Medicaid?

Illinois Medicaid will pay for incontinence supplies when there is a medical need for treating or treating an illness or physical condition. These medically necessary items include diapers, protective underwear, disposable underpads, bladder control pads, and reusable underwear. 

Illinois Medicaid covers incontinence supplies that are medically necessary for managing incontinence associated with a broad range of medical conditions. To receive incontinence supplies from IL Medicaid, you must have the following:

  • A medical diagnosis resulting in incontinence and a signed clinical statement
  • A signed prescription from a physician identifying the specific type and quantity of incontinence supplies needed
  • Amount of incontinence products needed to treat the condition (i.e., daily, monthly supply)

What Is Illinois Medicaid?

Illinois Medicaid, also known as the Medical Assistance Program, is a state-run health insurance option for adults, children, senior citizens, and individuals with disabilities living in Illinois. Illinois Medicaid currently provides incontinence supplies for children and adults as one of the medically necessary items under its coverage. Under Illinois Medicaid, recipients may qualify for the following:

  • bladder control pads (Poise pads)
  • briefs (adult diapers)
  • disposable underpads
  • gloves
  • protective underwear

Illinois Medicaid does not cover wipes.

To be approved for incontinence supplies under your Illinois Medicaid program, you must have the following items:

  • Documented proof within the last six months that the items are considered medically necessary by a physician (certificate of medical necessity).
  • The medical reason for needing supplies (urge incontinence, spinal cord injury, autism, etc.).
  • Your healthcare provider determines the estimated amount of supplies needed per day.

Can I Get Incontinence Products Through Active Life Medical Products?

Active Life Medical Products currently can not supply incontinence products through Illinois Medicaid. If you currently do not have Medicaid, visit Illinois’ program website to see how.

Incontinence Coverage Information For Illinois Medicaid

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