Can I Receive Incontinence Products Through Iowa Medicaid?

IA Health Link currently offers coverage of incontinence supplies to eligible individuals. Enrolled participants could use those benefits to get products such as bladder control pads, adult briefs (diapers), or protective underwear at little to no cost.

You will need the following information:

  • A doctor or other qualified medical professional must determine that the supplies are medically necessary to treat a condition.
  • Products may need to be pre-approved before you can receive them.
  • Supplies must be medically necessary and prescribed by your doctor.

What Is Iowa Medicaid?

Most Iowa Medicaid programs, known as IA Health Link, are covered by Manage Care Organizations (MCO) and will coordinate your care through either Amerigroup Iowa or Iowa Total Care. You can have one MCO for the entire family or a different MCO for different family members. You will see a provider who works with the MCO that you choose. It is this healthcare provider that will provide you with treatment.

Can I Get Incontinence Products Through Active Life Medical Products?

Active Life Medical Products can supply incontinence products through Iowa Medicaid. If you currently do not have Medicaid, visit Iowa’s program website to see how. 

Incontinence Coverage Information For Iowa Medicaid

Active Life Medical Products’ Product Specialists will assist an IA Health Link patient in obtaining all paperwork and approvals from state agencies. Start your order today by filling out our Contact Form.