Are you looking for Medi-Cal covered diapers for adults? Whether you have been recently diagnosed with incontinence or have been incontinent for some time, finding the right source for obtaining the supplies you need through your Medi-Cal insurance is a priority.

Navigating to cover your incontinence supplies through your insurance can feel complicated, confusing, and overwhelming. In this blog, we’ll explore how Medi-Cal can cover incontinence supplies.

What Are Diapers For Adults?

Diapers for adults are one option for alleviating urinary or fecal leakage when you’ve been diagnosed with incontinence by your physician or a medical professional. Adult diapers, also called briefs, are disposable and include tape on both sides for easy fit and wearing. Briefs are absorbent and can help with protection throughout the day and night for patients who need incontinent protection.

Medi-Cal diapers for adults are a standard selection for patients. However, other wearable incontinence supply items are available to support a patient’s needs, such as:

  • Booster Pads: Placed inside an adult diaper or pull-up for additional absorbency support.
  • Pads/Liners: Pads and liners come in all shapes and sizes and can be used inside a patient’s regular cotton underwear for light to medium incontinence support. 
  • Pull-Ups: Pull-ups are a form of wearable incontinence that resembles a disposable pair of underwear; both men and women can use them for moderate to heavy incontinence.

What Is Medi-Cal?

Medicaid is a government public health program that provides health insurance for adults, children, and families considered low-income or otherwise qualified. There are currently over 82 million individuals on Medicaid coverage in the U.S., according to

While each state manages Medicaid, available nationwide, qualifications, benefits, and prerequisites for Medicaid coverages differ by where individuals reside. Medi-Cal is the state of California’s Medicaid program.

For those who qualify, Medi-Cal offers low-cost and sometimes free options for healthcare, dental care, medical supplies (such as Medi-Cal diapers for adults), family planning, drug and alcohol treatment, prescription drugs, medical transport, and more. These services are available to qualifying individuals of all ages who meet the required income limitations and other outline stipulations. You can learn more here

Medi-Cal also offers coverage through programs called Medi-Cal managed care. Medi-Cal managed care health plans coordinate Medi-Cal services and billing for patients. When you have a Medi-Cal managed care plan, they will often outline their coverages and stipulations with your Medi-Cal benefits.

Who Qualifies For Medi-Cal Diapers For Adults?

Medi-Cal covers incontinence supplies. However, only patients with prescriptions and medical necessity confirmed by their physicians can qualify for coverage of these supplies. It’s also important to remember that even following guaranteed medical conditions, Medi-Cal has certain limitations regarding supplies, how often, and how much are available to patients.

For Medi-Cal supplies for seniors and diapers for adults, coverage by California’s Medicaid system dictates that patients are only eligible when they have certain chronic medical conditions that are actively causing incontinence. Your physician will determine your medical need for prescribed Medi-Cal diapers for adults and will need to supply medical records that support this need.

Do Other Insurances Cover Adult Diapers?

Currently, in California, adult diapers are primarily covered by the state’s Medicaid and managed care programs. Medicare does not currently cover incontinence supplies for anyone in the United States. Some private health insurance plans cover incontinence supplies; you should check with them for more information.

But what if you don’t have insurance that covers Medi-Cal adult diapers, even if you are medically qualified? In this case, you can still purchase the supplies you need privately out of pocket. In cases such as these, Active Life Medical can help you navigate finding the most economical and cost-efficient adult diaper and incontinence supply options for your needs.

How Active Life Medical Products Can Help You Incontinence Supplies

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