Having urinary problems is normal when you’ve been in an accident or are hurt and have trouble using the bathroom. That’s where catheters come in handy; to ensure that you don’t run into urinary tract-related issues. 

In this article, let’s look at how Hydrophilic Catheters differ from other kinds of catheters, what they are best for, and the benefits of using them. Moreover, we’ll detail how they work and how you can insert a hydrophilic catheter. 

What Are Hydrophilic Catheters?

Hydrophilic Catheters have a polymer coating that binds to the surface of the catheter. When the coating is submerged underwater, it is absorbed and bound to the Catheter, making it smooth and slippery enough to slide right into the urethra.

Its lubrication stays maintained throughout the length of the urethra. It’s designed to reduce friction and helps reduce the chances of pain during the insertion. Due to the surface coating, lubrication is not allowed since it is ample enough to decrease the friction after submerging in water.

Who Are They Best For

These hydrophilic Catheters are an excellent fit for people with heightened sensitivity and who find self-catheterization painful or uncomfortable. Due to the lubricated surface of a hydrophilic catheter, the process is much easier and doesn’t cause excess discomfort.

The coating remains intact throughout the insertion and removal process. The primary reasons people undergo catheterization include hospital stays or surgery, but hydrophilic catheters aren’t commonly used.

That is primarily due to the availability of a sterile environment and local anesthesia, deemed unnecessary when removed. The patients can use the bathroom on their own.

What Are the Benefits Of Using A Hydrophilic Catheter

A hydrophilic catheter ensures that patients stay comfortable when using the bathroom. Reducing movement ensures a safe healing process. Here are three practical advantages of using hydrophilic catheters:

    Less Urethral Injury

    The slippery surface of the Catheter allows less friction against the skin, making sure that the patient doesn’t experience discomfort or pain during the procedure. A hydrophilic catheter is less likely to hurt and cause infections than any other catheter.


    There’s no need to prepare the Catheter by applying a lubricant. You have to dip the tube in water to activate the hydrophilic layer on the surface of the tube, making it slippery enough to slide right into the urethra.


    Hydrophilic Catheters are designed to be no-touch, meaning they will have less contamination than other catheters, mainly because no lubrication is applied directly to the tube. That’s because submerging it in water activates lubrication.

    How To Use It

    If you’re looking for directions to insert the catheter inside for a patient or yourself, here are some steps to follow:

    1. Ensure that no area of your hand is exposed to contamination; wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
    2. After washing your hands thoroughly, the water pocket should be folded inwards and pressed towards the packing film.
    3. Start by unfolding the Catheter and shaking the packet so the water reaches every part of the tube to activate the hydrophilic film.
    4. Let the Catheter hang vertically by the loop of the packaging sticker.
    5. Soak the hydrophilic catheter for 30 seconds to thoroughly lubricate it.
    6. You should tear the packaging film till the connector is exposed.
    7. After taking the catheter out, you can begin the process of catheterization.
    8. The catheter should be disposed of after one use.

    These are the steps for catheterization, whether for yourself or a patient. Make sure that each part of the tubing is submerged in water; this helps activate the lubrication on the surface of the entire tube, allowing an easy and pain-free process.


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