The burden of modifying one’s lifestyle to accommodate the daily usage of disposable briefs, catheters, and other continence care devices is frequently felt by those diagnosed with incontinence. Many people use catheter supplies daily to treat problems such as atonic bladder, urine retention, and incontinence.

However, we completely comprehend your desire to keep your catheter requirements confidential! The good news is that discretely transporting your catheters is entirely feasible.

Determining Who To Tell About Your Needs:

Whether you have insurance, you need a prescription to acquire incontinence and catheter supplies. Some people are honest about using catheters and other goods in the bathroom. Some would prefer to keep this private. The ideal business would have sympathetic employees who pay attention to your preferences and wants.

How To Hide Your Catheter And Incontinence Supplies At


People using catheters often feel uneasy in front of people. The good news is that you no longer have to worry about it. There are numerous ways to hide your catheters and their supplies, even at home. Read the following methods to stay discreet at home. 

1. Pencil Cases: A simple and covert approach to transport catheters is in pencil cases. They might be able to carry a closed system catheter package as well, depending on their size. Teenagers and young children who are still in school may find this alternative to be very beneficial. Anywhere that sells office or school goods will likely have pencil cases or pouches.

2. Makeup Pouches: Anyone who wears makeup should consider investing in a makeup bag. It’s simple to purchase the pouches offline or online. They also come in a range of lengths and sizes.

How To Hide Catheters And Incontinence Supplies In Public:

You can now hide catheters at home or in public without hassle. With multiple options available, you can now move around without being conscious. Here is how you can hide catheters and incontinence in public. 

1. Discreet Travel-Sized Catheter Supplies: People traveling can easily carry catheters in the following ways: 

2. Discreet Catheters: A travel catheter, such as a pre-lubricated compact catheter, a compact closed-system catheter, or a pocket catheter, may be an option if you want to keep your catheters unnoticeable.

When catheterizing in public restrooms, you may be eligible for catheters with insertion materials like antiseptic wipes and gloves, based on your insurance plan. It will help to lower your risk of UTIs further.

When transporting your equipment, always keep your catheter in its sterile container until you are ready to use it. You can reduce your risk of infection by doing this.

3. Attachable Drainage Bag: Consider using an attachable drainage bag to make things easier. It enables you to catheterize yourself anywhere, collect the pee in a bag attached to the catheter, and then get rid of it in the proper trash can. Moreover, you must pay attention to hygiene tips to prevent infections.

4. Easy Carrying Options to Keep Your Supplies Hidden Here are some ways to hide your supplies when traveling. 

5. Backpacks: The best option for students who use catheters is always a backpack. Numerous pockets on the exterior and interior of most backpack designs offer privacy when wearing the bag all day. In addition, you can buy locks designed explicitly for backpack zippers in various stores, typically where you can purchase locks or school supplies.

6. Briefcase: A briefcase is sufficient for storing one’s catheter supplies for business professionals constantly on the move.

How To Stay Discreet When Visiting Friends?

Whether you are out with family or friends, you can now practice multiple ways to hide catheters. If you are visiting a friend or going out with your colleagues, you can stay discreet in the following ways: 

1. Purses or Messenger Bags: For carrying materials all day, using a bag like a messenger bag or pocketbook is a simple solution. If you use the restroom in public, no one will object if you bring your bag. There are many purses, from huge shoulder bags to cross-body messenger bags.

2. Glasses Case:  Any gender or age can find a discrete alternative in an eyewear case. Most flexible straight catheters, whether they are male or female in length, will fit regardless of the case’s size (which is usually 6 to 8 inches). These cases make it simple to store sterile catheter lubricant packets.

Even some eyeglass cases include neck straps, freeing up your hands. These are readily available online or via your local optometrist.

This article highlights multiple ways to stay discreet. Moreover, you must also pay attention to hygiene tips to save yourself from infections. Also, ensure to purchase catheters and their suppliers from trustworthy providers such as Active Life Medical Products to ensure quality and safety. 

How Active Life Medical Products Can Help With Catheter


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