Staying safe, dry, and clean during long trips requires planning and preparation. However, if you have difficulty urinating naturally, you might need to carry urinary catheter supplies to pass urine from the bladder.

You can leave a large bag or small medical supply box to use your catheter supplies. Here we have enlisted ten easy and simple ways to carry your catheter supplies.

How Can I Carry My Catheters As Discreetly As Possible?

Regardless of where you go, it is crucial to pack enough catheters to manage your bladder on your travels. It would help if you packed catheters in a carry-on bag or something you always keep with you to carry the essentials discreetly in case you lose your luggage.  

Try these ways to carry your catheter supplies discreetly.

Top 10 Ways To Carry A Catheter Discreetly

Keep A Catheter Kit In Your Pet’s Backpack

Whether you’re flying or driving, having everything you’ll need for your vacation is essential. A customized catheter kit might reduce travel anxiety and give you peace of mind. 

If you’re traveling with your furry friend, you can use their specially designed backpacks to carry your catheter discreetly. The bag packs come with zippers and tiny Velcro flaps that are ideal for hiding the items of your everyday use.

Try to pack extra catheters for an additional one to two days beyond your expected journey length.

Use Your Pockets

One of the convenient ways to carry your caterer discreetly is by hiding them in your pocket. For instance, you can use your pockets to keep a catheter lubricant packer and hide the catheter package in the sleeve. If you wear a waistband in the pants, tuck the catheters into it.

Similarly, many use the side of their boots to slide the catheter package. These tiny places in your clothing and boots allow you to carry your catheter supplies and use them whenever you want, with no one noticing.

Use Large Bladder Bags For Trips

Use your bladder bag on your trip if you’re taking a long train or flight. You can easily conceal or put urine bags under a blanket. Ensure you position your drainage bag below the bladder and that the tubing is straight.

Keep It In An Eyewear Case

You can find a discrete alternative for your catheter in an eyewear case. Whether it is for men or women in length, any flexible catheter fits despite the case’s length (usually 6 to 8 inches). These cases make it simple to store sterile catheter lubricant packets.

Some eyeglass cases include neck straps, freeing up your hands. These are readily available for purchase online or even at your neighborhood optometrist.

Use Your Makeup Bag

Anyone who wears makeup should consider investing in a makeup bag as it’s simple to purchase offline or online. The best part is that a makeup bag comes in various lengths and sizes. You can use compact catheters, such as Speedicath and Cure Twist, to keep in the makeup bag as they look like mascara tubes or lipsticks.

Messenger Bags

Using a bag like a mini pocketbook is a simple solution for carrying the supplies all day. If you use the restroom in public, no one will object if you bring your bag. To carry your catheter supplies, you can invest in many bags, such as cross-body messenger or spacious shoulder bags.

Carry A Mini Briefcase

 If you have used a briefcase, you know it has enough capacity to tuck away to keep the catheter supplies. So, if you’re a business person who frequently travels, the briefcase is a perfect way to carry your catheter kit discreetly. 

Try A Discreet Travel Catheter

A travel catheter, such as a pocket catheter, a pre-lubricated compact catheter, or a compact closed-system catheter, may be an option if you want to keep your catheters unnoticeable.

To further lower the risk of UTIs when using catheters in public restrooms, you can qualify to acquire catheters that come with insertion materials like antiseptic wipes and gloves, depending on the insurance plan you have. 

Buy A Mini Backpack

A backpack is always the best option for kids and teenagers who use catheters. Numerous pockets on the exterior and interior of most backpack designs offer privacy when wearing the bag all day.

Additionally, some stores sell locks explicitly designed for backpack zippers. They are available in almost any place that sells locks or school supplies.

Use Pencil Boxes

A pencil case is your solution if you’re looking for an affordable alternative to hide your catheter supplies. It has sufficient space to hold a small and closed system catheter package. It is convenient for teenagers and school-going children who use a catheter.


Using the tips provided, carrying a catheter discreetly on your person should never be a problem. Whether you carry it in your backpack or makeup box, invest in quality catheter supplies through Active Life Medical Products. They can provide you with a catheter designed perfectly for your needs.

How Active Life Medical Products Can Help With Catheter Supplies

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