Traveling is a great way to broaden your horizons, stay in touch with distant relatives and friends, and push your comfort zone. Although there are countless places to discover, many people who use intermittent self-catheterization are afraid to travel too far from home. However, relying on a catheter doesn’t preclude one from living a whole life. Wherever you go, you may take your catheters with you. 

Here are ten travel tips from real catheter users to help make your traveling trips more comfortable and stress-free. 

Travel Tips From Real Catheter Users

Tip 1: Don’t Give Up On Traveling Just Because You Cath

Because of poor bladder control, traveling with conditions like urinary incontinence is overwhelming. Even if people use catheter supplies, they don’t feel comfortable traveling.

According to real catheter users, you can overcome the fear of traveling with the proper techniques, preparation, and practice. That means you shouldn’t give up on traveling just because you self-catheterize. Instead, learn and practice catheterization tips and tricks to make your travel experience hassle-free.  

Tip 2: Plan Ahead And Calculate How Many Supplies You Need To Take For Outings

You should ensure you have everything you’ll need during your journey, whether traveling across town or halfway around the world. Since urologic problems impact millions worldwide, you may find extra supplies for emergencies everywhere. But knowing you have all you need gives you some peace of mind.

Tip 3: Use A Discreet Compact Catheter Or Pocket Catheter

There are many different catheter kinds you can select. There are many options for discrete, simple-to-use catheters on the fly, while some involve more steps. Pocket catheters are more compact and occupy less room, making traveling easier.

Tip 4: Have Your Order Shipped To Where You’re Staying

You don’t need to change the medical supplier to ship your order wherever you stay while traveling within the US. Inquire if the supplier transports you to your destination if you’re taking a long trip or intend to divide your time between two states during the year.

Tip 5: Concerned About Emergencies? Carry A Medical ID

Thinking about the emergencies, you can encounter when visiting new places can terrify any catheter user. Consider traveling with a medical ID as an extra measure of security. The information includes everything from your name, date of birth, and allergies, to emergency contacts, doctor information, and any necessary medical treatments.

Tip 6: If You’re Flying, Get Familiar With TSA Guidelines Before Leaving

When you travel with a catheter, dealing with security at the airport doesn’t have to be a challenging experience. Spend some time getting your travel certificates and becoming familiar with the rules in advance. By doing this, you can ease security checkpoint difficulties.

Tip 7: Try An Attachable Urine Collection Bag

Consider getting an “attachable drainage bag” to simplify life for people with mobility challenges or catheterized children. This bag enables you to catheterize yourself anywhere; collect the urine in a bag attached to the catheter and then discard it in the proper trash can.

Tip 8: Stay Clean And Hygienic No Matter Where You Cath

Maintaining good hand hygiene to perform clean intermittent self-catheterization is essential no matter where you go. Nothing will ruin your trip more than finding a doctor to get treatment for UI-related infection.

Tip 9: Keep Trash Bags On Hand For Discreet Disposal Of Supplies On The Go

It might be challenging to discreetly use a catheter in a public washroom, especially if it has no trash cans around. It is always better to carry your bag as it makes disposal easier. 

Carry either a pack of Ziplocs or a brown paper bag with you. You can also utilize bags explicitly designed for disposing of catheterization supply waste. You only need anything that makes it easy to discard your waste.

Tip 10: Focus On The Positives Of Traveling

Traveling should excite you instead of increasing your stress. It only happens when you focus on the good things and positive aspects of traveling. Make sure you have everything you need, including your catheter supplies, so you can travel stress-free anywhere you want and make the most of your trip.

You should maintain the fun part of your traveling even if you have UI and need to carry catheter supplies. By using the tips mentioned above and purchasing quality products from Active Life Medical Products, you can have an enjoyable and memorable trip or travel experience. 

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