Traveling by air with a catheter should be manageable. Once you know everything about TSA rules and self-catheterization, you can easily travel by air with your urinary catheters. However, you should have complete knowledge of how to take catheters through airport security, things you can keep in your catheter kit, hygienic and safe catheterization practices on the flight, and, most important, precautions you should take for a comfortable journey. Don’t worry if you have yet learned how to go about it. The article covers everything you should know about traveling by air with urinary catheters.

Here are the tips for a hassle-free and comfortable journey with your urinary catheters.

Tips To Travel By Air With Urinary Catheters:

1. Contact The Airline First

You should first contact the airline you’ll be flying with and ask whether there are any particular guidelines for flying with catheters. Ensure that you follow the steps the airline advises. Check the compliance of your medical tools with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations. Also, practice basic personal hygiene on the flight. However, if you are worried, you can always contact the airline you’re traveling with. Typically, no airline has issues with passengers carrying necessary medical supplies and catheters.

2. Know The TSA’s Carry-On Bag Regulations

TSA has established liquids-related laws and regulations for air travel. Put all liquids that are 3.4 oz. in one quart-sized transparent plastic bag for carry-on luggage. It will help to put your catheter’s water packets in the clear bag. Since pharmaceuticals are an exception, you should verify with the airline in advance to ensure that catheters with water packets are acceptable. If you need to carry lubricant, ensure that it weighs no more than 3.4 ounces and place it in a clear bag. The airlines don’t usually have problems with travelers who need to use lubricants with catheters, as it is necessary to catheterize. While you should not limit its quantity, make sure you keep it in the catheter kit to make its use and purposes more prominent to the airline authorities. Carry the lubricants into a solid, clear plastic bag to prevent leakage.

3. Pack Catheters In Checked Luggage Too

It’s a good idea to pack catheter supplies in your carry-on luggage. The remainder should go in your checked luggage. Many people mail their catheter supplies to their destination before traveling. Purchasing catheter supplies from a reputable manufacturer includes packing services for shipment or travel.

4. Bring Extra Catheters

It would help if you were extremely cautious when using medical products to empty your bladder. Estimate how many days you’ll be away depending on how frequently you catheterize and how many catheters you need for your trip. It is a good idea to bring extra catheters to last a few more days in unanticipated situations. This applies to other tools you use to catheterize, such as lubricating jelly.

5. Consider Travel Catheters Like Closed Systems

Many people try using a more sophisticated catheter to lower their risk of contracting an infection when traveling. Using pre-lubricated catheter kits, you don’t need to touch the catheter tube or any other lubricating jelly directly. Although most people call them closed system catheters, they are also called “no-touch” catheters. Consider purchasing certain advanced catheter goods for travel if your insurance doesn’t offer coverage for them.

6. Take Cathing Accessories Like Antibacterial Wipes

You can’t always be sure of your surroundings’ sterility while away from home. You might need to use the facilities in public places. So before cathing, use more antibacterial wipes to disinfect your hands and the area around your urethra.

Additional Air Travel Resources

In addition to the given tips to travel with urinary catheters, you can take help and more information from the following air travel resources.

  • Information on traveling with a wheelchair or a disability from Delta
  • Transportation Security Administration site
  • TSA Notification Card for people with medical conditions or any disabilities

Traveling by air with urinary catheter supplies becomes easier and stress-free when you have all the relevant information. Ensure you go through the airline’s guidelines before going on the plane. Also, buy catheter supplies from high-grade suppliers like Active Life Medical Products to avoid quality issues. Reliable catheter manufacturers can help you make your trip hassle-free.

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