Wellspect Healthcare shared transformative news regarding their LoFric line of catheters. To address growing concerns about plastic softeners and phthalates like DEHP, Wellspect Healthcare made a significant shift. The entire range of LoFric catheters is now crafted from DEHP-Free POBE (polyolefin-based elastomer), ensuring a safer and more comfortable catheterization experience.


Benefits of Choosing LoFric Catheters with POBE:

The adoption of POBE material in LoFric catheters offers numerous advantages, with one standout benefit being enhanced overall comfort. A 2013 study comparing PVC and PVC-free POBE catheters found that the latter resulted in a more comfortable catheterization experience. Furthermore, the shift to POBE addresses contemporary concerns about DEHP in vinyl catheters, potentially linked to health conditions such as cancer or reproductive issues.


The Safety of POBE:

Widely used in proven medical devices, POBE stands as a testament to its safety and reliability. By eliminating DEHP, PVC, plastic softeners, and latex, Wellspect Healthcare ensures the well-being of users who rely on LoFric catheters.


Consistency in Quality:

The transition to POBE material does not alter any other aspects of LoFric catheters. Users can expect the same high-quality standards and familiar packaging. Each catheter still features the special hydrophilic coating with Urotonic™ Surface Technology, effectively reducing friction inside the urethra.


Active Life Medical has a variety of LoFric catheters to fit your needs:


Female Length Primo Catheter             Female Catheter Hydro-Kit                     Female Hydrophilic  Catheter



Sense Female Hydrophilic Catheter             Male Primo Catheter                         Male Catheter Hydro-Kit



Male Hydrophilic Catheter                     Male Tiemann Coude Catheter               Origo Hydrophilic Male Catheter



Lofric Pediatric Catheter                      Origo Pediatric Hydrophilic Catheter      Pediatric Hydro-Kit Catheter

Expanded Range of POBE Catheters:

Wellspect Healthcare’s commitment to safety extends across their entire catheter line. This includes pediatric catheters, female length catheters, male length catheters, and coudé tip catheter options. Active Life Medical proudly offers the complete range of LoFric catheters with POBE, ensuring that users have access to diverse options tailored to their unique needs.


Where Can I Find LoFric Catheters Covered by Insurance?

At Active Life Medical, we understand the importance of selecting the right catheter for your needs. Contact us at (800) 319-2336 or through our contact form for personalized assistance. We can help check your eligibility and collaborate with your health provider and doctor to ensure you receive the catheter supplies that best suit your requirements.

As the healthcare landscape evolves, so do the materials used in catheter manufacturing. The transition to DEHP-Free POBE material in LoFric catheters underscores Wellspect Healthcare’s commitment to user comfort and safety. With Active Life Medical as your partner, you can confidently navigate these changes and ensure a seamless transition to catheterization with enhanced comfort and peace of mind