If you need a catheter, you need to look into pocket catheters, as they are the most popular types of intermittent urinary catheters. They offer a great convenience you might not find in any other product. Many other benefits come with pocket catheters; you can consider them when you get one. In this article, we will give you all the information you need to know about pocket catheters.


Pocket catheters are a type of catheter you can carry around your pocket. These intermittent catheters are compact enough to fit into your pockets. These catheters come in all forms, types, sizes, and lengths. Anyone can use it, including women, men, and children.

The best part of pocket catheters is that they are very discreet, and the packaging is not apparent. Many people want catheters that are not visible, and one can easily hide them. Pocket catheters are easily concealed, and users can keep them in their backpacks, purses, and pockets.

Some companies produce catheters that can easily fit in your hands and be convenient for many people.

What Are The Different Pocket Catheter Lengths?

The intermittent pocket catheters usually come in different sizes depending on the customers’ needs. These catheters are packed in long and straight packages. Female-length catheters typically come in 6 inches, while Unisex catheters can be 16 inches long. Lastly, the pediatric length catheters are 10 inches long on average.

If you get pocket-size catheters, the size may run smaller because their packages are shorter. However, some catheters may be the same size as full-sized catheters but come in curved packaging to accommodate the size. These catheters are usually foldable, and you can easily fold them without causing much damage. 

What Pocket Catheter Types Can You Find?

Pocket catheters usually have the same features as full-size catheters. There is no difference in the quality of the pocket catheter. You can even find them in the same types, such as: 

  • Cloud System Catheter Kits
  • Hydrophilic Catheters 
  • Pre-Lubricated Catheters 
  • Uncoated straight catheters 

If you opt for the right company, you will get access to the best and all types of catheters. 

Foldable Pocket Catheters (Curved Packaging)

If you are worried about the size, you don’t need to worry about pocket catheters. Males need longer catheters, and the compactness of the pocket size does not always affect the catheter size. The foldable catheter fits the pocket package as it is folded to half its length, making the packaging even more discreet. 

You must choose the right product producer when picking out a pocket-size catheter. Active Life Medical Products are a great choice as they ensure that even if the catheter is pocket size, it does not affect its efficiency.    

Curved Pocket Catheters At Active Life Medical Products:

Active Life Medical Products offer high-quality pocket catheters such as: 

Compact Catheters

Compact catheters are shorter than standard catheters but can effectively reach the bladder and drain it quickly despite their size. Women commonly use these catheters because they are smaller, more discreet, and can easily self-cath wherever they are without any mess. 

Pocket Closed System Catheters

This type of intermittent catheter comes with an all-in-one collection system. This catheter has an all-in-one collection system. You can find an introducer tip to these catheters as they help bypass high bacteria concentrations.

The closed system catheters use attached collection bags allowing the user to cath whenever and wherever they want. This type of catheter is why it is one of the best choices for people who are in wheelchairs or for children.

The pocket-closed system catheters may include gauze, antiseptic wipes, gloves, underpads, and a disposal bag.

How Active Life Medical Products Can Help With Catheter Supplies

You need a trusted catheter supplier when you require catheter supplies. Active Life Medical Products makes ordering the entire catheter supply process easy. Our Product Specialists can help you get your prescribed catheter covered through most insurances. Everything will be delivered directly to your front door.

Call Active Life Medical Products at (800) 319-2336 to place your order.