Statistics show that hospitals worldwide use 100 million urinary catheters annually, or over 200 daily.

There are numerous uses for urinary catheters, which are flexible, hollow tubes that facilitate urination. They primarily assist you when you have trouble using the restroom by moving pee from your bladder to the outside of your body. 

You may be experiencing trouble emptying your bladder for several reasons, including a recent operation, an underlying condition, or something else. Therefore, people use catheters to avoid unpleasant incidences. 

Furthermore, to help you understand soft hydrophilic catheters, we have gathered all the crucial information you should know before using them. 

All About The New SpeediCath Soft Catheter

SpeediCath Soft is pre-lubricated and has a hydrophilic covering that is instantly usable. It has an insertion grip to guarantee a secure grasp of the catheter.

The SpeediCath Soft Hydrophilic Male Catheter has a straight-tip, pre-lubricated, and ready-to-use catheter with polyurethane construction. This male catheter has polished eyelets, an exclusive hydrophilic coating for smooth insertion, and a soft, flexible gripper to ensure a firm grasp. It also has a unique hydrophilic coating and a unique hydrophilic coating for rapid and easy insertion without contacting the tube or tip.

The newest addition to Coloplast’s catheter line, this catheter is less stiff than the original SpeediCath catheter. It is more flexible and comfortable because it contains a softer substance than regular vinyl catheters. Users of catheters value convenience, and the SpeediCath Soft Hydrophilic Male Catheter does not disappoint them with its simplicity.

However, long-term usage increases the risk of urinary tract infections. Therefore, to avoid contracting infections and other bacterial diseases when using it, one must follow hygiene guidelines.

Features Of The SpeediCath Soft Hydrophilic Catheter

Here are some unique features of soft hydrophilic catheters. 

Soft Catheter

The ones for men contain softer polyurethane than regular vinyl catheters, making them comfortable and convenient to use. Due to its bigger size, lubricated surface, and firm-grip features, the SpeediCath Soft is popular among first-time users.

Fast Preparation

It’s ready for you to use straight out of the box. Since it comes pre-lubricated with a layer of hydrophilic gel, ensuring smoother insertion. The preparation stages are quick because the SpeediCath Soft doesn’t require additional lubricant.

Confident Grip

The plush insertion gripper offers a nearly touch-free experience when inserting the SpeediCath Soft for Men. This gripper, designed to ensure a tight hold, makes catheter insertion and removal simple.

With this gripper, men can self-catheterize without touching the tube or tip, thus lowering the risk of infection.

Ways To Use The New SpeediCath Soft Catheter

Using a catheter may be challenging. However, here we have an easy procedure to help you use a catheter comfortably. 

Ways To Use The SpeediCath Soft Catheter From A Wheelchair

It’s crucial to wash your hands first. Even though many hydrophilic catheters use “no contact” insertion, there is always a chance of contamination. After that, activate your hydrophilic catheter as directed on the packaging.

As previously noted, it typically only takes combining the water pack and catheter package and thoroughly shaking them to coat the catheter. To ensure that the catheter receives the most lubricant, turn it upside down and let it soak for 30 seconds. Open the film after activation, then carry out the self-catheterization procedures. Then, carefully insert the catheter into the urethra and gently push in to allow urine flow. When you notice the urine flowing into the bag, push it gently inside to maintain proper positioning.

Ways To Use The SpeediCath Soft Catheter Standing Up

Gently place the catheter in the urethral hole on the tip of the penis in men. As soon as you see urine drainage, keep slowly inserting the catheter into the urethra. Push only 2.5 centimeters more when the urine starts to flow to maintain optimum positioning close to the bladder.

For females, locate the urinary meatus in a mirror and gently wiggle the catheter into your urethra. When urine begins to drain, which should be around 3 inches into the urethra, insert the catheter slowly into the urethra. Push a little further when the urine starts to flow to ensure correct alignment next to the bladder.


All product labels and information with the gadget, including the use instructions, provide additional safety information. You should only use the SpeediCath product for one use and discard it. Contact your healthcare provider if you suffer signs of urinary tract infection or cannot insert the catheter into the bladder.

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