Don’t worry if you worry that you might find yourself in situations where your incontinence prevents you from performing as you usually would. This article offers advice on how to lessen the stress associated with incontinence. Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) is when the urine leaks out due to sudden pressure.

The pressure can be from forceful activities like sneezing, exercising, or coughing and even less forceful activities like walking, standing or bending over. Depending on the severity, urinary accidents can either result in droplets or wholly soak your clothes.

This form of incontinence is more common in women than men and is likely to happen at an older age. The reasoning for this form of incontinence is known as an Overactive Bladder (OAB), where you cannot control the urgent feeling. SUI is a urethral problem compared to OAB, which is a bladder problem.

Let’s move down to tips on how to help reduce the stress you feel from incontinence.

Tips To Help Reduce Stress From Incontinence

Incontinence can lead to many stressful situations that can cause the person to be nervous and anxious most of the time due to their inability to control urine. The first step to dealing with stress is to understand the situation.

The key symptoms of SUI relate to the pressure felt on the abdomen. To ensure that your body is in optimal condition, you should see a medical professional to be tested and treated accordingly.

Here are some helpful tips that can help reduce your stress due to incontinence:

Tip 1: Try Talk Therapy

Talking to a stranger can provide more comfort to patients than talking to a family member or friend. It has to do with the confidentiality of treatment, which enables patients to feel more at ease discussing whatever they want to.

Therapists give you the time and space needed to talk, cry or think to allow you to view your problem differently compared to before. Moreover, therapists are available and accessible on all platforms.

Tip 2: Find A Urinary Incontinence Support Group

Urinary Incontinence support groups work just like therapy or talk therapy. Instead of talking to one person, the patient gets to speak about their issues and how they process them by letting it out to multiple people.

Hearing other people’s experiences with incontinence allows you to feel better about the patient’s progress, encouraging them to keep moving on with their situation. This group therapy can also be anonymous, allowing the patient to reveal less information about themselves, ensuring comfort.

Tip 3: Use A Bathroom Finder App

With the development of technology, multiple applications are available to assist your smartphone incontinence needs. A bathroom finder app can track the nearest restroom quickly, allowing easy access to relieving your bladder.

Most of the time, when you’re looking for public restrooms, you find yourself being disgusted by the hygiene control of the bathroom. That’s why using a bathroom locater app allows you to find bathrooms that match the hygiene control you require.

Tip 4: Pack An Accident Bag To Prepare Ahead Of Unexpected Urine Leakage

By preparing for your incontinence needs beforehand, you allow yourself to expect when you require to use the bathroom. All you need is a private space to relieve yourself and prevent accidents from occurring.

Tip 5: Prepare Yourself By Managing Your Symptoms With The Best Incontinence Products For You

Using methods to manage your bladder and its symptoms helps provide you with benefits that can help with experiencing incontinence. Methods like a Bladder diary can help track your accident leaks and track the physical movements to be careful so that no harsh movement leads to any accidents.

There are also incontinence products available that save you from embarrassing situations. Items like adult diapers and catheters are a few that come in handy when it’s not easy controlling your leaks.


When it comes to incontinence accidents, as embarrassing as it seems, it’s pretty standard, especially after surgery or due to old age. People eventually suffer from this condition, and there shouldn’t be a lack of access to the required help.

That’s why visit your medical practitioner for ways to improve your incontinence condition. If you require any product to aid incontinence, check out Active Life Medical Products. They provide a range of items that can be customized to the patient’s preferences.

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