Traveling, whether by car, airline, or train, is a part of a well-earned vacation or spending quality time with family and friends. In addition to unplanned hitches like bad weather, technical delays, and overbooking, Urinary incontinence is another inconvenience that almost half of Americans 65 and older deal with while traveling. Travel seems challenging to people who have UI. 

UI should encourage everyone to stay in the house, city, or country. Whether your challenge is to control occasional leaks, poor bladder control, or frequent bathroom visits, you can avoid an embarrassing situation with careful planning and a realistic approach.

These tips are great to avert embarrassing situations and ensure that you’re well-prepared for a travel trip. 

Find Nearby Restrooms Along The Way & At Your Destination:

Proper planning should be the first and foremost step to making suitable travel arrangements. Where are you traveling? Do you intend to take a flight, take the bus, or take a road trip with your car to get there?

Traveling is relatively more straightforward if you’re flying, as all airports have simple restroom access. There is a restroom choice available. Select an aisle seat if you will have to use the bathroom frequently. 

If you’re going by car, planning your route and mapping out the stops to rest along the way will help you keep organized. Numerous pauses may result in a longer travel time to your destination, but you can easily plan for that extra time in your schedule. 

Also, stopping at different locations on a road trip can be enjoyable. By visiting unusual roadside tourist attractions, snapping pictures, and creating new memories, you can reframe your trip pauses positively.

Pack Enough Incontinence Supplies For Your Trip:

Listing everything you need to pack is the following action to take. Make sure to list all incontinence supplies you utilize routinely, including disposable underwear, adult diaper pads, and wipes to reduce skin discomfort caused by bowel or urine leaks.

Determine the average number of times you use or replace those products daily. Instead of underestimating your demands or running out of supplies, it is better to take caution always to have additional supplies.

After that, divide the daily supplies needed for incontinence according to the days you will spend away from home. Include every scenario, such as the potential change in plans, traffic, or delayed flights. You don’t want to run out of UI supplies or make an awkward excursion to a neighboring store for unfamiliar products that are not suitable for you or available in the correct size.

We advise you to take extra clothing and underwear as an added measure. Sometimes you can eliminate the usual concerns associated with traveling while dealing with urine incontinence by knowing you’ve enough backup available.

Avoid Bladder Irritants And Diuretics While Traveling: 

It is wise to avoid drinking beverages that affect your bladder and function as a diuretic while you’re traveling. Caffeine, for instance, is a typical bladder irritant that might cause your body to flush out more water than usual. As potential offenders, you may want to stay away from things like chocolate, alcohol, coffee, caffeinated sodas, and tea.

It would help if you didn’t restrict your consumption of liquids to prevent future mishaps. Keep hydrated. The healthiest method of hydration is water. Consult your doctor about the recommended daily water intake.

Get the Right Incontinence Products for Your Needs: 

Lastly, be sure you have the appropriate incontinence supplies for your requirements. For instance, if your urinary flow is light, you might require absorbent incontinence pads or thin liners. Disposable briefs or protected pull-on underwear are better if you have heavy and severe urine incontinence.

 If you need help determining which incontinence products you should use, you can contact your UI product supplier to discuss or find the right products.

Traveling with Incontinence products is easy when you know the provided tips and have quality products from Active Life Medical Products. They have various incontinence products that can make your traveling experience super comfortable. Thus, use these tips to enjoy your trips, whether flying or going in your car. 

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