Urinary catheterization is often challenging when traveling. You can solve this problem by planning and practicing self-catheterization. Knowing when you may need catheterization while away from home is crucial since nothing is worse than an urge to urinate urgently. Remember that letting your bladder remain full of urine for extended periods might cause infections that spread to your kidneys. While you can treat your bladder infections, severe kidney infections are hazardous to health and can lead to bacteria called sepsis in the bloodstream.  If you don’t want to develop a kidney infection, you should know tips and tricks for catheterizing in public restrooms. Don’t worry if you have no idea how to go about it; we have you covered.

Tips For Catheterizing In Public Restrooms:

Tip 1: Always Follow Your Prescribed Cathing Schedule

Skipping your prescribed cathing schedule while traveling is risky and can cause kidney infections. You may damage the kidneys if you try to hold urine for a long time. That means you should follow your scheduled cathing wherever you go.   Instead, learn ways to find clean private places or public restrooms to do self cathing. Consult your doctor if you need clarification on how often you should be self-cathing.

Tip 2: Make A Plan For Carrying Your Catheter Supplies

You can carry your catheters unnoticeably while away from home, whether traveling, attending school, working, or going to the office. Here is how:

  • Make your catheters more portable by using simple tricks. For instance, many wheelchairs bound people to store their supplies in a backpack hanging from the back of the chair. Some folks can fit their goods in their pockets. 
  • Using a straight catheter, you can wrap the catheter package around your hand or fold it into a soft U shape. Just watch out for kinks in the catheter.
  • Using catheters in public restrooms can be much more discrete and practical than covert travel catheters, like, compact catheters, pocket catheters, and closed systems.

Tip 3: Learn Sterile, Clean Catheterization Practices

You might come into contact with fewer germs at home than in a public restroom. So, make sure you follow the given steps before self-cathing in a public restroom.

First, Wash Your Hands: Remember to wash your hands before entering the bathroom stall. A hand dryer can spread germs into your hands, so use a clean paper towel.

Use A Paper Towel Or Under Pad To Set Your Supplies On: Carry a paper towel from home to set the supplies on it. You can also use your backpack for this purpose.

Use A Wipe To Clean The Area Before Catheterization: Always handle your catheter with washed and cleaned hands. Additionally, you might want to clean the insertion area on the outer urethra with an antiseptic wipe.

4. Using An Uncoated Catheter? Learn How To Sterilely Lubricate Your Catheter

If you use an uncoated catheter, you may need more practice to learn how to lubricate it. Some individuals rip the lubricant packet open on both ends. The catheter is then passed through the middle of the package to lubricate it while they hole the funnel.

5. Try An Advanced No-Touch Catheter

Depending on your insurance coverage, you can use a no-touch catheter, like a pre-lubricated or hydrophilic catheter. Most no-touch catheters are ready-to-use. They have an insertion sleeve to help you insert the catheter without physical contact.

6. Dispose Of Your Supplies Hygienically

When done with cathing, you must dispose of the worn catheter and the used packaging’s contents in the trash can.

7. Where To Find Discreet Catheters For Catheterizing In Public Restrooms 

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Using catheters in public restrooms is stressful and overwhelming, especially when you’re hygiene-conscious. The good news is that you don’t need to avoid your cathing schedule just because you’re traveling. You can catheterize in a public restroom if you practice the mentioned tips and purchase quality UI supplies from Active Life Medical Products.

Where Can I Receive Catheter Supplies Covered by Medicaid and Medicare?

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